Xenomantik Retribution EP

by Doomkryer

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Recording started int he Summer of 2010 and ended in Winter of 2011. The Reason why it took so long to record this EP was because of personal responsibilities and lack of equipment. This was the first time I released something that I had completely done Everything by myself.


released December 7, 2011

All music and lyrics written by Enn Oh.



all rights reserved


Doomkryer Miami, Florida

Been a one man project since 2007 hailing from Miami, Florida. Doomkryer was initially played Hardcore Punk but as time progressed the music Switched to purely playing Black metal in 2009.

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Track Name: Grim
Track Name: Decay
Death Came to Me
Died in Wilderness
Earthly Elements
Frozen Peacefully
Accepting this is my fate
I die with no regrets
I wait for my next entity

This is No Tragedy
Mortal Time Seems to Decay

Life on this universe
It had its good and bad
But time I'd leave this mortal being
Material in no longer use
I leave my body to Mother Earth

This is No Tragedy
Mortal Time Seems to Decay
Track Name: Ghost
A ghost spawned from sorrow and hate
Never to escape from this realm
Alive or Dead, It doesn't Know
Forever Disturbed Refuses to Go
Hatred towards Satan
Hatred towards God
Only want to be at rest
but cursed to be restless and blind
Wondering spirit, spirit so cold
Why is it that you loath
Envy of the Living
Wanting more of Death
What Tortures You Spirit?
What Angers you So much?
What is it that You want?
Can you please Tell me?
I Haven't Sleep in many days and Night
I Just Want to Dream and forget my past World

Sitting here watching the misty sky
Cold Rain upon my drunken eyes
Mother Nature, Please wash away this Human Sin
Wipe out modern man with your mighty wind
People don't see this as a miracle
That's because they forget that we are too animals
Mankind has frankly overstayed welcome
Now we must face this Natural Armageddon
Don't bother Saving anything of any worth
For we are a (fucking) cancer of this dying Earth
Me, I don't care what happens in the end
Because to me human kind has long been dead